Grzeskiewicz Design Studio

We believe that the life of every person becomes more valuable and more complete when it’s filled with art. Within art lie the particles of truth and goodness. It evokes deep esthetical emotions and develops our sensitivity. Masterfully crafted Interiors fill us with content, while unique items make our lives special, full of grandeur and prestige.
Following this idea we create works specially designed to fit the person we are working for and the interiors they are meant to be presented in. We believe that through the fact that all our items are handmade they are given a life of their own.
By using overwrought technologies we create wall decorations and everyday items, bestowed with all our energy and passion.
The love for family tradition and the responsibility to cultivate the artistic history of the Grześkiewicz family, resulted in the cooperation of two sisters. They wish to upkeep this tradition with utmost respect and caring for their legacy, filled with love for creation, patience and precision of items manufactured.
The roots of the Grześkiewicz family’s art and craft success originate in the second half of the 19th century. Adam Grześkiewicz owned a workshop that designed and produced carriages. His son, Jan Grześkiewicz had a leather furniture factory in Poznań and in Copenhagen. Furniture designed by him was presented on exhibitions in Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris and London and has won many prizes. In the next generation Lech Grześkiewicz, together with his wife Helena and later his son Piotr, built a unique artistic ceramics workshop. Works originating from this workshop, usually in monumental form, became a part of many important projects of that time and were made in cooperation with the greatest Polish artists.
In 2010 the two daughters of Piotr Grześkiewicz – Dorota and Malwina, inherited the family workshop and decided to breathe new life into it. The combination of the experiences and knowledge of the two sisters of vastly different characters and interests, resulted in a cooperation filled with vigour and passion.
Knowledge gathered in the artistic academies of Rome, Paris and Warsaw, know-how learned through the cooperation with the Polish Faience Factory in Włocławek, the technology developed thanks to innovative ideas – all these elements comprise the family’s legacy, constantly developed through seeking new experiences associated with sculpture, interior design and also through studies at Warsaw art schools.
Thanks to the multidisciplinary knowledge of graphics, wall painting, technology of ceramics, sculpture and interior design, we find a multitude of new, non-standard ideas and developments through the use of ceramics.